Omar G. Younis (He/Him)


Hello world 👋

I am a Research Engineer at ETH with Luca Corinzia and Matteo Turchetta. The project aims to apply Reinforcement Learning to Genomic Selection. In particular, we are building a novel RL environment that simulates breeding programs to be able to train a policy that optimizes some traits. Traits include food yield, resistance to climate change, diseases, etc. The food shortage will be a humanitarian challenge soon due to the rapid increase in demand that cannot be satisfied by current crop varieties and farming practices (see Voss-Fels et al.).
For this project, we are collaborating with multiple labs across ETH and WUR.
My main research interests are improving Reinforcement Learning generalisation with Meta-Learning techniques, and Continual Reinforcement Learning. Anyway, I tend to be passionate about everything around AI; currently, I am exploring Dynamic Neural Networks.

Since I was young, I like programming and open-source culture 👨‍💻
In this lovely journey, I contributed to several projects, including OpenAI gym and PyTorch.


Oct 25, 2022 I am proudly a core member of the Farama Foundation
Aug 1, 2022 I started a new position as Research Engineer in RL at ETH
Jan 17, 2022 I moved to EPFL for researching at MLO Lab
Sep 6, 2021 I started and led the Google Developer Student Club - University of Bologna
Sep 9, 2020 I started the Master in Artificial Intelligence at University of Bologna